Sarah Manning‏, Author at Spin To Win Diners

Connecting Food & Love

Restaurants depend on the connection between food and love. If you understand how this works, you can use love to boost your restaurant’s profits! Food is known as something that gives people pleasure and makes us feel good. Celebrating with other people and providing food for other people is one of the most universal expressions […]

Sharing on Social Media – Making it Profitable!

Do your customers take photos of your food and share them on social media? They can help to bring more customers into your restaurant. So how can you help them do this? Sharing is Caring! Restaurant patrons love sharing their food – not just with each other, but also with their friends, colleagues and relatives […]

We Need More Celebrations!

Birthdays are the life-blood of many restaurants. Groups of friends and families celebrating together, with good food, a few drinks and a special dessert treat. But how can we get people to celebrate more often? How can we give people more reasons to celebrate? Wedding anniversaries also bring couples to restaurants every year, but these […]

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