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A New Incentive Program for Restaurant Owners

Our fun, free Spin to Win Diners App can help you to increase customer loyalty, bringing people back to your restaurant more often.


At the end of their meal, simply offer them the opportunity to play the Spin to Win game on your iPad or Tablet, to win discounts on future visits to your restaurant. To receive their discount gift cards they must give you their email addresses, which you can build into a customer loyalty database.


The App is free, the game is free, the database software is free – all that you pay for are the discounts that they win! In return for a free drink or dessert, you can acquire a database of loyal customers who you can invite back to your restaurant again and again with tailored promotions and incentives.

Download Spin To Win Diners Today and Start Winning Diners!

You will need to connect your Tablet (Android) or iPad (Apple) to the internet in order to download the App onto your portable device. The Spin to Win Diners App is not optimized for mobile phones.


When you set up the Spin to Win Diners App with your restaurant details, we will promote your restaurant on our website and run advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to tell local people that you are offering Spin to Win prizes!


Just download the Spin To Win Diners App to your Tablet or iPad and you can start using it right away.

Install the App on your portable Tablet or iPad that you can bring to the table for your diners to play.

Customize it easily with your restaurant logo and edit the prize options that you want to offer to diners.

Ask the diner to type in their name and email address onto the tablet so you can send them their prize.

Collected customer email addresses become your customer loyalty database for running future offers and invitations.

We’ve Got Your Back!

We will protect your data and back up the settings and customer database from your Spin to Win device. If it is lost or stolen, contact us and we will help you restore your lost data. Our Customer Service Team can also help you to add the data from any other customer loyalty program and combine it with your Spin to Win customer database.


Spin to Win Diners was the brainchild of Andrew T. Newman – the creative force behind ATN. He was a partner in a number of restaurant ventures and recognized the need to communicate with their customers. He worked with a team of software developers and marketing experts to perfect the Spin to Win Diners app, and then tested it successfully with a number of restaurants. 

“You need to keep it fresh and exciting, but at the same time it’s not clever to change the formula in any radical way. People like what they are used to and they like to win!  To encourage them to come back in between birthdays and anniversaries – to increase their loyalty to your restaurant – you have to give them a new reason to return. That’s what gave me the idea of the Spin to Win incentive program – it’s a fun activity that makes diners feel like winners, and brings them back to use their discount gift card.”

The response to the program has been excellent. Following extensive trials and some tweaking, the Spin to Win Diners App program is now available free of charge to restaurants around the world. 



The PrimeNinetyFive Restaurant in New Jersey has seen a significant increase in repeat visits since introducing the Spin to Win Diners App.

“It has become a real talking point in our restaurant”, explains Eddie, owner of PrimeNinetyFive. “Diners enjoy being part of a new trend and winning prizes. Many restaurants have rewards programs but this game is way more fun! Collecting email addresses is much easier now – using this App we are adding hundreds of customer email addresses to our database every month! We plan to send out promotional emails when business is slow, to bring our loyal diners back for a meal, and to spin to win again!”

With Spin To Win Diners, every customer is a winner, but restaurant owners win the biggest prize of all – customer loyalty!


Sign Up Today for Free!

Simply download the free Spin to Win Diners App today. You can install it on a Tablet or iPad and bring to the diners in your restaurant. You can customize the graphics, fix the discount offers, and set up the customer email database framework to suit your business.

The interface is designed to be simple for you and your staff to operate and easy and fun for your diners to play. Our customer support team is available to help if you have any questions.

You can also choose to process credit card payments easily & securely through Banquest  – our integrated payment system – click here for fees and details.


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