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When each visitor becomes a regular and loyal customer, your restaurant will thrive just like all the large restaurants. In an era of intense competition and endless advertising exposure, the only time you can draw your customers’ attention and make them connect with your unique restaurant is when they’re visiting your restaurant, detached from all the media outside

We Will Make It Happen

There’s no need to waste precious time talking and trying to convince customers. Instead, with minimal cost, we will make 90% of your customers more loyal to your restaurant. We have proven our success across the United States, and now we’re ready to do the same in Israel. This is your chance to overtake your competitors, leaving them far behind, saddled with useless advertising costs.

About Us

ATN Israel is an international entrepreneurship company. Collaborating with marketing and sales analysis specialists, we engage in market research and in user and customer traffic forecasts. Today we offer one of the best user experiences and development quality in the Israeli market. Our company began its marketing operation in the United States market, where it proved its great reliability and success. Now, we are bringing Spin to Win to Israel, in a version tailored to Israeli customers. You, too, can enjoy this unique opportunity to promote your restaurant.

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