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We Need More Celebrations!

Birthdays are the life-blood of many restaurants. Groups of friends and families celebrating together, with good food, a few drinks and a special dessert treat. But how can we get people to celebrate more often? How can we give people more reasons to celebrate?

Wedding anniversaries also bring couples to restaurants every year, but these celebrations have a different, more intimate vibe – a table for two rather than a big noisy group. Valentine’s Day is the most popular day for couples to book a special meal out together, but how can we fill our tables on the other 364 days of the year?

Celebrating Special Days

How can restaurants bring people back to celebrate together on other special days. What new celebrations can we add to our calendars?

Did you know that February 13 was Eat Italian Food Day? Does your restaurant celebrate Chocolate Pudding Day on June 26? May 28 is International Hamburger Day every year. National Chicken Wing Day (July 29), National Ice Cream Day (July 15), Cheesecake Day (July 30) and National Tortilla Chip Day (February 24) should all be on your calendar!

Then there are national days of other countries whose food can be added to your menu – French Bastille Day (July 14), Chinese New Year (in January or February), and the perfect day for a Mexican Fiesta – Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

According to the website www.PartyExcuses.com, there are reasons to celebrate every day, and many of them are based on food! Why not pick a few special dates that match your menu or your vibe, and invite your customers to come and celebrate with you!

365 Reasons to Celebrate

People are just looking for excuses to go out and have fun. The working week is so long and boring – why not break it up by going out on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening?! Let’s give Mom a break from cooking dinner, or take Grandma & Grandpa out for supper. Why not reconnect with old school friends over a beer.

It’s easy for restaurants to invite their loyal customers to come celebrate a special day or a special dish.

  • Put out a chalk-board announcing your special menu
  • Post a picture or a flag on your Facebook or Instagram page
  • Send out an email to all your Customer Loyalty Club members, inviting them to book a table
  • Distribute flyers about your special menu to local businesses

Creating a buzz around a special day can help to bring in customers during a quiet season or midweek evening. Then once they are enjoying a special evening, add the icing on the cake by inviting them to play the Spin to Win game and win prizes for their next visit. Winning encourages customers to sign up to your loyalty club, so you can keep inviting them back for more celebrations!

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